UG0013: Silvest & Evelyn Kasirivu

UG0013: Silvest & Evelyn Kasirivu

Church Planter: Uganda

Age: 41

Place: Uganda

Project: Church Planting: Uganda

First Name: Silvest and Evelyn

Gender: Male

Language(s): English and Luganda

Marital Status: Married

# Children Alive: 4

Country: Uganda

Region: Eastern

Town/Village: Kakoro

Village Population: 5000

Dominant Religion: Catholic, 7th Day Adventist

Launch Date: 2013-06-01

Special Tribute: Portland Christian Center

What are some of the greatest challenges you face in your ministry?

Discipling our members is a challenge. We have so many needy children (between 600-700 children) who look unto us as their hope. Our PA system is very old and beyond repair.

How is God helping you in the midst of those challenges?

God is answering our prayers and giving us strength. Through Petros Network and our sponsor, God is taking care of our daily needs. We have transportation, milk, a home and we are well. With this, we want to thank you! God bless you!

What is God doing in your ministry with the people you serve?

God has healed many people. Many of our ministers are being called into ministry. They are church planters. We have a strong youth ministry. We have a school, too, and 495 children are learning Christian values in education. We praise God!

How can we pray for you and your ministry?

We have plans to build classrooms for our children in school; they suffer a lot with the weather. Please pray for our women's ministry, our church needs and our missionaries who are in very dangerous places.

How could we help you to be more effective?

A course in theology would boost my effectiveness.

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Published Wed, May 25, 16.

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