PNW044: Misireki


PNW044: Misireki

Sponsorship: At Risk Women

Age: 41

Place Ethiopia - Gojo

Project Empowering Women - The TESFA Project

First Name: Misireki

Last Name: Hayilu

Language(s): Amharic

Country: Ethiopia

Marital Status: Widowed Mother

Year Became Widow: 2016

# Children Alive: Four

Launch Date: 2018-11-01

Region: Oromia

Town/Village: Gojo

Village Population: 60,000

Dominant Religion: Orthodox

Special Tribute: --

How to Help: EVERY gift helps: Give a one time full or partial sponsorship to provide an Education and Family Grant plus emergency relief for $2000 USD or give a monthly recurring gift starting at low as $25 USD a month.

Gender: Female

There are several ways you can help a widow by giving a monthly amount or a one time gift. Widow sponsorship provides emergency relief for her family, education and training, and a business micro-grant or meaningful work. When you help a widow you not only help her but her entire family. In an effort to manage disappointment and wait times for sponsorship, we identify and notify families once sponsorship dollars have been received. We have found ultra-poor families in the third-world context are unable to understand delay times from promises to actual sponsorship.The moment your gift is received a family is notified and activities begin to lift them out of the chronic cycle of poverty. Thank you for your gift.