PNW042: Irgibe


PNW042: Irgibe

Sponsorship: At Risk Women

Age: 33

Place: Ethiopia - Gojo

Project: Projects: Women - TESFA Project

First Name: Irgibe

Language(s): Oromiffa

Country: Ethiopia

Marital Status: Widowed Mother

Year Became Widow: 2015

Poverty Index: Level 1 - Critical

Housing: Rents

# Children Alive: Three

Launch Date: 2018-11-01

Region: Oromia

Town/Village: Gojo

Village Population: 60,000

Dominant Religion: Orthodox

Special Tribute: --

How to Help: EVERY gift helps: Give a one time full or partial sponsorship to provide an Education and Family Grant plus emergency relief for $2000 USD or give a monthly recurring gift starting at low as $25 USD a month.

Gender: Female

My name is Irgibe Korsa, I am 30 years old and I live in Gojo, Ethiopia with my three children.

We didn’t always live in Gojo. We used to be farmers and live on the countryside. My husband was often drunk with the local drink. Once he passed away from liver disease his parents chased us off their land and we fled to the Gojo. I then worked as a daily laborer doing jobs wherever I could find work. We moved in with relatives until I could afford my own place. 

Since joining Petros Network I started working for a lady in her restaurant, making little money. Once she saw that I was a hard worker and how well I cared for her business she entrusted me with more. Now I have a business making an selling injera for her restaurant and others. Working my own business makes me feel happy and confident.

Now I have my own house that me and my children can live freely in.

I thank God daily for Petros Network. The investment they have made in me has changed everything. My future is bright because someone believed in me and gave me an opportunity to make something of myself.

In the future I hope to be able to send my children to University and I hope to be there to see them graduate one day. I have plans to open a restaurant of my own so that I no longer have to work for others.