PNW025: Degi


PNW025: Degi

Sponsorship: At Risk Women

Place Ethiopia - Gojo

Project Empowering Women - The TESFA Project

ID #: PNW025

First Name: Degi

Last Name: Negari

Language(s): Oromiffa

Marital Status: Widowed Mother

Year Became Widow: 2011

Poverty Index: Level 2 - Extreme Poor

Literacy: Illiterate

Housing: Rents

# Children Alive: Five

Launch Date: 5/15/17

Business Status: Family Grant

Business Type: Merchandise in Market: Sugar, Coffee, Oil, Macaroni, Salt, Flour, Pasta, Soap

Level of Training: 1

Region: Oromia

District/County: Jeldu

Town/Village: Gojo

Village Population: 60,000

Sponsoring Denomination/Group: Birihane Kristos #1

How to Help: EVERY gift helps: Give a one time full or partial sponsorship to provide an Education and Family Grant plus emergency relief for $2000 USD or give a monthly recurring gift starting at low as $25 USD a month.

Gender: Female

Degi has known tragedy, with three children dying in childbirth and then with the death of her husband. When her husband was alive she said they lived a good life and even had land, but as a single person it is very difficult. Through it all, she has persevered and has a dream of a better future for her family.

Her Home:

Degi lives in a small house with her three children, two sons and one daughter. Her oldest daughter is married. Scavenging for food and water consumes most of their day. Her children walk a hour round trip each day to get water and they eat one, sometimes two, meals a day. They never eat meat and typically have injera and beans for every meal.

Her Work:

One son provides the family with a small amount of money when he periodically plays the keyboard at church. The other son (her oldest) has mental issues and struggles to live a happy life. She reported he had been abused (hit) by soldiers during a recent uprising. Due to health issues with her kidneys, Degi is unable to do any hard labor and therefore is not able to provide for her family as she so desires. She has a debt of 1200 birr or 70 USD. She is making a payment on the debt as she can.


Degi has a dream of starting a small business selling coffee and food items at the market. Sponsorship will allow Degi the joy of providing for her family.