Women's Education Initiatives

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GOAL: $30,000.00


When given the chance, women can change the world!

Petros Network's Women Empowerment Program serves women and children trapped in poverty. We designed our program as a solution to reach the poorest poor — families living with less than $1 USD per day.  Widowed women with children are most at risk — living in extreme poverty, and left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. A widow's child typically lives with an impoverished mindset, forced into labor, unable to go to school and left without hope and a future.

Petros Network seeks to alleviate this chronic cycle of poverty by empowering women through life skill and business education, seed grants for business development, relief/emergency support, improved health, and life without violence. We believe that through the empowerment of women and children, the entire community can be transformed. (View our approach)

We have a holistic approach to our education initiatives and focus on all aspects of a woman's life:  personal, family, community, spiritual, and her business. Women are taught basic life and business skills, grouped into teams, given initial investments, and mentored along the way. The results have been remarkable!

How you can help?

  1. Sponsor a widow's education and microgrant. Sponsorship can be as low as $36 a month to a full sponsorship. We have several women waiting for sponsorship. Click here >>
  2. Sponsor a village seed grant for our savings for credit program. A seed grant launches 10 to 15 women into a savings/loan program in a rural village >>
  3. Support one of our education initiatives:

a. $5,000 provides empowerment training for 50 women for 1-week

b. $10,000 provides empowerment training for 50 women this year

c. $50,000 provides seed grant money to launch 50 women into business this year

d. $100,000 provides education and seed grant money to change the trajectory of 50 families this year