Help Build a School in Uganda!

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Exciting things are happening in Uganda!

In spite of the hardships they face in this harsh land full of drought, poverty, darkness and resistance to the Gospel, our missionary church planters are planting churches and lives are being being changed through the message of the Gospel. 

One of these things is the school project that God has laid upon our dear area leader’s heart. We are very excited to share with you the incredible testimony about how the school began and the vision God has given to our Uganda area leader, pastor Silvest Kasirivu. Please thank God and pray with us for this project to continue to grow in miraculous ways and change countless lives for generations to come.


We currently have a plan in place to build a school that meets the needs Pastor Silvest listed. The school plans include 7 secure classrooms, offices, and more. It would provide the clean and safe learning environment that these children need and deserve. 

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Sylvest_and_Evelyn_Cropped.jpgALL THE WAY FROM UGANDA: A Word From Our Area Director

Hello my dear friends,

Here is a small amount of history on the background of His Hill Christian School. When God gave us a vision that He wanted to reach out to this abandoned Kakoro community, we were rejected and abused in all our first attempts. It was not until the Holy Spirit spoke to me about trying something with the children that we had a breakthrough. What we did at that time was my wife, Evelyn, and I went back to the village and this time we began teaching English, handwriting and music to the village children for free! And, in our activities, we were teaching the village children how to greet Mum and Dad in English, how to pray for Mum and Dad and the Lord’s prayer. We taught Christian music and Psalms, even in our handwriting classes. We taught children how to pray for food, pray for our friends when they are sick, and we taught the children how to live as good children giving the example of Jesus and all the good children from the Word of God.

I’ll tell you what! Each day our number was increasing! Our songs had entered every house, and that’s when the mothers realized we were good people and they began coming one after the other. This was in the year 2011-2012. We started getting gifts and every member of the community appreciated me and Evelyn for the good work God was doing. When the mothers came following their children, we started another class for them. We started with a Bible verse memory competition, a choir and a Bible study. That’s how Kakoro worship Center Church started and our testimony spread in the whole Eastern Region! The parents supported us and we added in a school program to our evening classes too. We called the school, His Hill Children’s Center- a Christian School. In 2013, God visited us in a different way, from out of nowhere, and we got a vision for land and a very nice church building and offices because our church membership had grown big, and this is when Pastor Ray and Linda visited us. Smartness and speed all doubled in our activities and we praised God. Today we are an International Church and ministry far away, deep in a jungle. God is good!

 Today we have 493 Children in the school, all from this poor community. We have planted churches from our church and we are still reaching out. We thank God for we are achieving and winning even though we are working in very bad conditions and under hatred from the nonbelievers who are the majority; but, the school has changed the community in so many ways. For example:

  1. The rate of early marriages has gone down. We created awareness by supporting the girls’ education!
  2. Christianity and Christian values have entered almost every homestead. We thank God - for in many difficult homes we have entered, we went there following our children and we ended up winning the parents for Christ!
  3. All the children we have today, and those who have gone to secondary school, couldn’t have accessed any education if we had not come into this community!

We have many needs in order to grow with the vision for all that God is doing:

  1. We have a need for classrooms. We have only a very dangerous temporary classroom.
  2. We need desks and benches for our children.
  3. We need Sanitary part Toilets. We are currently using one toilet with only one stanza for each side.
  4. Most of our children come from very needy families and they cannot even afford the very small requirements. To our surprise, these are the most talented kids. They are very intelligent children and we see that their future is very bright. Our idea is to have a small school project where they can be providing labor and the school can pay for their requirements.
  5. We need clean water.
  6. We need a school clinic.

Thank you, friends!

Pastor Silvest